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How to Lose Holiday Weight

Gaining a little extra fat during the holidays is a common problem – for some of us, it’s as reliable as those credit card bills for all of that holiday shopping. However, new research suggests that it’s more important than we think to lose that weight as quickly as possible.

In a study published by Tufts University, it was found that, of people who gain weight during the holidays: 1) most of them gain 5-10 pounds and 2) very few of them will ever lose it.

Researchers have found that almost no one loses those five pounds they gained over the holiday season. But here’s something really important: The people who did lose that weight did it by February. Here are 5 tips to help you do just that, without dieting.

How to Get Your Fat Storage Hormones Back in Balance

Fat is loss isn’t just about calories and what you eat, it’s also about how your body deals with your food once you eat it.

Fat loss and fat storage are almost entirely under the control of your endocrine system – the system that regulates, secretes and releases your hormones. If those hormones are out of whack, you’ll have a difficult time losing fat, no matter how much you diet and exercise.

This leads to a depressing and fatiguing cycle of slashing calories and increasing your workouts. But if you’ll follow these four steps, , you’ll be able to get your hormones back in balance and start losing that fat, without depriving yourself or working yourself to death in the gym.

Fitness for Women Over 35

Women over 35 are told that their metabolism starts slowing down after 35, so they’re going to fight an uphill battle with an upwardly mobile number on the scale.

This is only a half-truth. Your metabolism does begin to slow down in your thirties, but it’s not a foregone conclusion. In fact, you can reverse the trend right now. Women over 35 can get into the best shape of their lives and rev up their metabolisms. They can even get their metabolisms working faster and harder than ever.

Please don’t let the supplement companies and women’s magazines tell you you’re doomed after 35. Many, many women have had the best bodies of their lives at forty or fifty or even sixty. Make this the year you build yours.

Body Weight Resistance Training

Many people who have never gotten into weight training are intimidated by it. They don’t understand the equipment, they think they’ll feel self-conscious at the gym and they’re not sure how to design an effective weight-training program. All of these problems can be eliminated by starting with a bodyweight resistance program.

Bodyweight resistance offers you a lot more than just privacy and convenience. It’s not a second-rate program or a compromise – it is a very effective training program if you use it correctly.

Tt’s not at hard to get used to the moves and you can create a very effective routine very easily and get an incredible workout in less than thirty minutes.

How to Train for the Holiday Season

Getting through the holidays without gaining weight isn’t always easy, but it is very possible. There are three keys to doing it successfully: moderation, planning and allowing yourself some slack.
Completely trashing your weight loss goals, your eating plan or your workout program will leave you feeling resentful, frustrated and stressed. Holding yourself unwaveringly to strict rules will rob you of the joy and fun that the holidays should represent. You don’t have to sacrifice weight loss goals for enjoyment of the holidays or vice-versa.
Be flexible in allowing one or the other top-priority status in a given situation, and follow these six tips for staying on track without skipping all the food or all the fun.

Why Vitamin C Is Essential to Fast Weight Loss

Get ample vitamin C or stay fat for the rest of your life. The choice is yours. This article is a rude awakening.

How Stress Can Make You Fat and What to Do About It

In this article you will learn all about your body’s stress hormone – cortisol, and how it can sabotage your weight loss efforts…your angry boss and other day-to-day stressors are often to blame for this!

It explains how although you can never fully eliminate stress completely from your life, there are, thankfully, effective strategies you can implement in order to reduce the affect stress has on your body.

Learning how to reduce the negative impact of the inevitable stress you’ll encounter is an essential component to a well-designed, holistic weight loss program. This article is a must read especially for any woman who deals with a large amount of unavoidable stress on frequent basis.

Why Women Should Lift Weights to Lose Weight

In this article you will discover the tremendous importance of utilizing a resistance-training program as part of a sound and healthy weight loss approach.

Unfortunately, many women have the erroneous believe that lifting weights will cause them to “bulk up”. This is simply not true as it requires immense effort to build large, bulky muscles…certainly not a result that happens by accident!

This article explains how lifting weights actually makes the process of getting to your ideal body shape much easier than compared to simply dieting and doing cardio-training alone.

Being armed with this all-important piece of the weight loss puzzle can be invaluable to you as you master the lifelong dance of maintaining the body you desire.

How to Lose Weight Fast and Healthy

Is it possible to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner? Yes! The key to doing so lies in the foods you put in your body. Most “fast” weight loss approaches involve taking on an ultra strict diet that is centered around calorie deprivation rather than the quality of foods being consumed.

Unfortunately, focusing solely on the amount of food eaten while ignoring the food’s quality is an extremely common mistake nearly everyone seeking to slim down makes.

What’s being completely overlooked is the role that healthy, unprocessed foods play in 1) keeping you satiated and feeling satisfied, 2) keeping you healthy and in a good, strong state of being, and 3) enabling your body to burn fat fast and efficiently.

A typical “fast” weight loss approach or crash diet is centered around not eating enough which leads to 1) you being hungry all the time, 2) feeling weakened and in a miserable state of mind, and 3) a massive slow down in your metabolism and other important biological processes necessary for fat burning.

When you do things the healthy way, your body will always reward you with superior results. This article will point you in the right direction so you can avoid making the mistakes so many others have made.

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