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Bored with Your Workout? A Personal Trainer Can Help.

One of the problems with working out on your own is that you have a limited amount of knowledge. You know a certain number of moves for each body part and you're comfortable using a few different pieces of equipment. But what happens when you've been doing the same thing for months and you think you're going to just go lie down in the street if you have to do the same workout one more time?

How are You Handling Workout Burnout?

Different people react in different ways to this situation, but there are three pretty common scenarios: you quit working out altogether, you flip from program to program and class to class, or you trudge along, getting no fun and few results from what you're doing. No matter which one of these courses you take, your results, your motivation and your body are going to suffer for it.

There are several ways that having a personal trainer can really benefit you if you've become bored with your current weight loss and workout program.

A Personal Trainer's Trick Bag is Never Empty

A personal trainer is a walking encyclopedia of workout routines. Let's look at weight training or resistance training for instance. You may know three great movements for your triceps, but only those three. But having a personal trainer means having access to dozens of moves you can do to build sleek, strong, sexy triceps. When you get bored with the first five, you'll move on to a whole different bunch.

The same thing is true of the cardio portion of your workout. For some women, doing cardio means hours of thumping along on the treadmill or bouncing along on the elliptical trainer. That's it. And if they need to change things up, they put a new playlist on their iPod or start reading a Nook.

A good personal trainer might work out an awesome, extremely effective interval routine for you to do on the treadmill or may yank you off the treadmill altogether and show you eleven different and more fun ways to get your cardio in.

Having a Personal Trainer Means Having On-Board Navigation

It's important to change up your workouts frequently, not only to keep from getting bored but to keep from ever hitting a plateau. Unfortunately, many women working out on their own don't recognize the signs of impending boredom or an upcoming plateau.

When you have a personal trainer, you have a navigator in your camp that not only sees the progress you're making and where you're headed but also knows twenty-five good ways to get there. With a personal trainer, you can focus on what you're doing right this moment, while your trainer is thinking ahead to the next turn and will already have you switching things up before you have a chance to get bored and before your body has a chance to become so adapted to your workout that your progress grinds to a halt.

Working out should be fun. You're trying to do something wonderful for your health and your body and you're putting in a lot of effort to reach your goals. There's no rule that says you shouldn't enjoy every minute of it, just like there's no rule that says the treadmill is the only way to get your heart rate up.

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