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Women over 35 don't get a lot of encouragement about getting into great shape. In fact, they get discouraged. One of the most common and most damaging things they're told is that their metabolism starts slowing down after 35, so they're going to fight an uphill battle with an upwardly mobile number on the scale.

The truth is, this is only a half-truth. Yes, your metabolism does begin to slow down in your thirties, but that is completely reversible. It's not a foregone conclusion. It's not etched in stone. Women over 35 can get into the best shape of their lives and rev up their metabolisms. They can even get their metabolisms working faster and harder than they ever have.

Why Your Metabolism is "Slowing".

There are two reasons why all the studies and all of the magazines warn you that your metabolism will slow steadily from 35 onward. First, we begin to lose muscle mass as we age. Since 70% of our base metabolic rate (the rate at which we need calories for basic function) is based on the amount of muscle mass we carry, losing muscle means a slower metabolic rate. Second, the typical American becomes less and less active each year after 35 or so.

Both of these things are completely reversible. You can add more muscle mass. You can become more active. You can also incorporate hiit into your workout program to boost your metabolism even further through the afterburn effect.

3 Steps to Revving Up Your Metabolism:

Boosting your metabolism and building your best body is easier than a lot of the diet and fitness "authorities" would like you to think. It's certainly easier than all of the "fat loss aid" manufacturers want you to believe.

Here' what you need to do:

1. Start adding lean muscle to your body.

By incorporating weight training into your fitness routine, you can quickly start adding beautiful, strong muscle to your body. You don't need to spend hours in the gym. A well-designed, efficient routine can be had in 30 minutes or less. Forget about the sissy dumbbells and lift heavy. You will not become "masculine" – your body doesn't make enough testosterone.

Bonus: For every pound of muscle gained, there is a corresponding loss of one pound of fat.

2. Be sure to do at least some cardio daily.

The more you use your muscles, the more calories they need and therefore the higher your metabolic rate. Walk, swim, run, play kickball with the kids, or dance in your living room. Cardio doesn't have to be formal, it just has to get you moving and get your heart rate up.

3. Start working some hiit into your week.

High intensity interval training isn't just for athletes. All you need to do is about ten minutes of alternating 30 seconds of intense cardio with 1-2 minutes of moderate cardio.

It's really easy to create a routine. You can walk for 2 minutes then jog for 30 seconds, or run for 2 minutes and sprint for 30 seconds. You can jog for 2 minutes then run up stairs for 30 seconds. You get the idea. You can even alternate strength training sets with 30 seconds of running in place or standing jumps.

Please don't let the supplement companies and women's magazines tell you you're doomed after 35. Many, many women have had the best bodies of their lives at forty or fifty or even sixty. Make this the year you build yours.

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