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How a Personal Trainer Gets You Results.

You know where you want to go, you just don't know how to get there. A personal trainer can be your fitness GPS.

You have certain goals when it comes to your body, your fitness, and your health. You may want to improve your cardiovascular health, lower your risk of high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, get a dancer's body, or be able to run a 5k race. You may want all the above. The question is, "How do you reach those goals?"

One of the greatest benefits of having a personal trainer is that you have their years of education, training, and experience at your disposal.

Knowing What You Want Isn't the Same as Knowing How to Get It

Building a better body or improving your health is a lot like planting a garden. You may know you want to grow delicious carrots, but scattering some carrot seed over the dirt isn't going to be enough to make it happen. You need the right seed, planted at the right time, and under the right conditions. You need to know how to water and feed those seedlings and when to harvest the plants.

Now, you could try the scattershot approach to achieving your fitness goals, but why would you? Working out and not achieving the results you're seeking is one of the fastest ways to lose your motivation and momentum. Gyms are filled with people doing yet another hour on the elliptical or wandering from weight station to weight station with no particular plan and no measurable progress. That's an excellent way to kill time, but not a great way to get fit.

Today's Busy Schedules Demand Maximum Results in Minimal Time

You may be one of the few people in the New York City with unlimited time on your hands, but that's unlikely. It's far more likely that you have a very full schedule, a lot of high-priority demands, and very little time to waste when it comes to getting fit.

That means you don't have time to spend researching the most effective ways to reach your goals. Nor do you have time to waste on trying things that won't get you where you want to be.

A personal trainer can assess your present fitness level, get to know your personality, understand what motivates and interests you and come up with a program that will get you the best results in the least amount of time. This targeted and very methodical approach means less time, money and motivation wasted on things that won't work for you.

Personal Trainers Have the Knowledge That a Lay Person Lacks

If your goal is to burn fat and build lean muscle, your personal trainer knows what will work for your lifestyle and body type. If you want to have more energy and not run out of breath so easily, your personal trainer knows how to improve your heart health and respiratory system. If you want to perform better on your softball team or in the next 5k, your trainer knows how to build your speed and cardiovascular endurance. That's a lot better than just scattering some seed over the dirt and hoping that you like what grows.

To put it simply, a personal trainer knows exactly how to train your body for the results you want because this is what they do for a living, day in and day out, with hundreds of people just like you. Hiring a personal trainer completely eliminates the difficulty of subjecting yourself to trial and error. They can streamline the entire process of going from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest time possible without any wasted effort.

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