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Personal Trainers as Coaches – Specialized Training for Sport Performance.

If your passion is playing a sport, such as soccer or tennis or you have your heart set on making it through the next NYC Marathon, you can really benefit from hiring a personal trainer to get the very specialized training you need to reach your goals.

How a Personal Trainer Can Improve Your Sports Performance

Personal trainers don't just know how to help people lose weight and build muscle so that they look and feel great; they also know how to build the endurance you need for the prolonged, stop-and-go pace of a soccer match, how to build upper arm and leg strength for a killer tennis game and how to build the cardiovascular strength you need to make it through a 5k or even the NYC marathon.

All training is not created equal. If you're training for a specific sport or event, your needs are very different from someone who just wants to lose weight and body fat, build lean muscle or improve their heart health. The muscles you use, the type of strength you need and the pace you need to be able to maintain are very specific to your sport or event.

Specialized Training for Your Specific Sport

Fitness for tennis is not the same as fitness for distance running and fitness for soccer is not the same as fitness for hiking. Do you need the cardio endurance for stop and start exertion or do you need the cardio endurance for long-distance steady-state activity? Do you need the upper leg strength for climbing and running or the arm strength for hitting a serve that no one can return? These are the questions that need to be addressed and the answers are what will define the most effective training strategy for your needs.

Whether you want to participate in a sport on a competitive level or just blow your friendly opponents away on the weekends, you can really benefit from having a personal trainer to design a program specifically for your sport, your fitness level and your body.

Your trainer will first determine your goals, important dates and deadlines, current fitness level and areas that most need improvement and then design a comprehensive program to help you get the fastest results and achieve your goals.

For Athletes - Both Weekend and Professional

If you are a professional athlete, you already know the benefit of having a coach to push you to reach higher and perform better. A personal coach, in the form of your personal trainer, takes that one level higher by being dedicated specifically to your needs, your strengths and your weaknesses. Your performance can be significantly enhanced by having someone focused solely on what you need to accomplish and what you need to do to accomplish it.

However, you don't have to be a professional athlete to take advantage of the very sport-specific, specialized training programs that a personal trainer can design for you and then guide you through. You just have to have a real desire and drive to excel at your sport or do well in your event.

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