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Working Out at Home with a Private Personal Trainer.

For some people, the social aspect of working out in a gym or in a class setting is an essential part of the fitness experience. They thrive on the social interaction, competition and the accountability of being expected to show up for their workouts.

For other people, the social activity and the interaction in the gym is something to be blocked out and they keep to themselves in the gym or studio but still enjoy going to a facility to work out.

You're Not Alone if You Like to Work Out Alone

Then there are the fitness loners. For these people, working out in a public setting can actually keep them from working out at all. These fitness loners either feel self-conscious about their bodies, fitness level or aptitude or they just have too much trouble focusing on their workout when there are other people around. For many of them, it's also a matter of convenience. For them, a home workout is more doable because they can fit it into their schedules more easily.

If you're one of these fitness loners, you're not alone; no pun intended. A lot of people are uncomfortable with or uninterested in working out in a group setting or at a crowded gym. The problem arises when you just don't know how to create and follow-though on an effective program.

The Problems with Working Out on Your Own

Fitness loners have a tendency to rely on DVDs for their workouts; although they may not know exactly which DVDs will provide them with the workouts they need most to reach their goals. They also tend to be the people who spend all of their workout time on an elliptical or treadmill or stationary bike, completely missing out on strength training, toning exercises and variety.

Another issue with working out at home, especially in New York City where apartment space is scarce to say the least, is having the proper equipment to really get a full workout. Many people just don't own the tools they need to get a professional level workout.

How a Private Personal Trainer Can Help

These are two very good reasons to hire a private trainer. They know how to work with any equipment you have and works around any equipment you don't have. They can also bring light dumbbell and resistance bands to your home and they and some great body weight resistance moves are all you need for a great strength training workout. For cardio, no equipment is needed, unless you'd like a great interval-training routine using a treadmill or elliptical that you already own.

Your trainer will also be able to create challenging and ever-changing workouts for you that give you all the benefits of a class setting without the class, except that everything about your workout is created specifically for you and your goals, rather than a general workout for a large group. You get personalized, well-thought out training routines that are designed for your personality, your goals and your fitness level. The impact that will have on your results just can't be overstated. A workout is never one-size-fits-all. You wouldn't expect a one-size-fits-all dress to look tailored for you and you can't expect that from a class that is designed to fit a wide range of people, either.

Working out at home with a private trainer is not only a convenient solution, it's also a very personalized solution.

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